Authentic Icelandic Wool

– A Key to Survive the Tough Icelandic Weather

Evolving over 1,100 years of exposure to the sub-Arctic climate, Icelandic wool has a distinctive combination of inner and outer fibers. The outer fibers are long, glossy, tough and water-resistant, while the inner ones are fine, soft, and insulating, providing great breathability and high resistance to cold.

Authentic Icelandic Wool is free of any residues of pesticides and herbicides as their usage in sheep farming is unknown in Iceland.

Icelandic high-quality wool gives many desired benefits outside warm breathable clothing and durable carpets. Wool acts as an air purifier for both dust and harmful volatile organic compounds. It is flame resistant and does wonders in absorbing unwanted noise.

Istex Wool Products

Istex offers various specifications of Icelandic wool, ranging from whiteness and hair length. The specific gravity of Icelandic wool has been measured 12-15% lighter than other wool types. The finer fibers of Icelandic wool are between 22 – 34 microns and the length is 8 – 10 cm. The coarser fibers are above 36 microns and the length is from 13 to 18 cm.

Is a bright white wool with mean fiber diameter around 33 microns and 55% of the fibers less than 30 microns. Vegetable matter is less than 0.12%.

Glacier White

Length histogram

Is a mixture of natural black, white and brown with great luster.

Offers maximum fiber length. The wool is from animals that are sheared only once a year in the spring. This strong fiber is well suited for durable wool carpets.

Has short fibers (2-6 cm), but offers good softness and strong insulation. It is suited as a filler or for non-woven applications.

Premium White Wool

Length Histogram

Offers greater whiteness and lower vegetable matter than the Glacier white wool.

Offers superior fineness and whiteness. Sheared off 6-7 months old lambs. It is available in white and melange grey.



Is available in black, grey, and brown.

Black Wool

Length Histogram

Istex Special Wool Products

Lopi Fur ®

Icelandic fake fur fabric

Fur                                  100% Wool
Knitted base                  100% Cotton
Mass per unit area        450 – 750 g/m2
Color                               Natural white                                                                                                        Natural grey melange
Available in other colors upon request
Pile (length of fibers)   1 cm and 10-15 cm
Can be cut to different lengths
Width on roll                 150 cm

An alternative to real and synthetic furs
LOPI FUR is made from 100% Icelandic Wool
Dry clean only
Complies with REACH

Lopi Loft ® Insulation

Icelandic non-woven wool fabric

Material                       80-100% wool, superwash treated
0-20% Bico PES
Mass per unit area     100 – 240 g/m2
200 g/m2 and heavier is available in 100% wool
Color                            Natural white                                                                                                       Natural brown melange
Width on roll              150 cm
Meters on roll             40 cm

LOPI LOFT is made from 100% Icelandic wool
Excellent thermal insulation
Complies with REACH

Lopi Ofið

Icelandic wool fabric

Material                     100% wool
Woven, milled and brushed
Mass per unit area     450 – 660 g/m2
Available in other weights upon request
Color                           Natural grey melange
Navy blue
Available in other colors upon request
Width on roll             150 cm
Meters on roll            30 cm

LOPI OFIÐ is made from 100% Icelandic wool
Custom manufacturing possible
Complies with REACH

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